Selasa, Februari 14, 2006
14th Feb 2006.

Where should I start. My first entry for this month, which not so many things to talk about. Haven't update my blog for 3 weeks........

They say, today is Valentine Day, but not for me I guess. You can always show your kasih sayang and express your feeling to your loved one whenever you like, not necessarily today. Furthermore, Valentine Day is not our culture. [Kan my lovely Sas?.......He he he]



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Selasa, Februari 14, 2006 4:32:00 PTG, Anonymous Foxy

hmm.... couldn't agree with you more hunny.... semalam pun Datuk Hassan Din ada menyatakan mengenai sambutan Valentine di kalangan muda-mudi.... boleh membawa ke arah syirik....

love can be professed every day, any time as and when we feel like it.... when in love, shouldn't limit ourselves to profess our love on certain days only....